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Mia's city cooking  

Georgian food is very unique and you may not have tasted anything like this before. Some consider it to be the best comfort food, which makes you feel good and brings memories of a favorite dish that grandma used to make in cold winter days: hearty and flavorful, like a warm hug. It’s downright satisfying! 

At our cooking class, you will learn how to make several local dishes and spend your afternoon cooking, talking and laughing while learning about us and our lives in Georgia. Can there be any better experience for a foodie?

Aprons on! We will learn to make 4 distinct dishes together: a first course, a second course with side dish, and a dessert, all based in the traditional Georgian cuisine. 

After you prepare your culinary creations, you can relax & enjoy your hard work accompanied by a glass of wonderful Georgian wine!

What is included:

Hands-on cooking class: under step-by-step guidance of our cooks, you will learn how to make khinkali from scratch, to shape different traditional Georgian khachapuri (cheese bread) and much more!

Food storytelling: on the background of Georgia’s fascinating centuries-old history and culture, you will learn the secrets of local ingredients and the connections between recipes.

Lunch with the dishes made during the class and other delicacies. Lunch is served at my home in a very central location of Tbilisi. 

Three-course menu: appetizer, main course and dessert, all based in traditional Georgian cuisine.

Beverage: A bottle of Georgian wine paired with the dishes, water and mineral water, coffee and or tea.



                                                                            1  person - 105 EUR


                                                                            2 PAX - 95.00 EUR Each


                                                                            3 PAX - 85.00 EUR Each


                                                                            4 PAX - 75.00 EUR Each

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