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Frequently Asked Questions

Here I collected all the FAQs I usually get from customers. Hope it helps!

If you still have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me via


Happy cooking!

  • Are your cooking courses in English?
    Yes, our courses are in English.
  • Do I need a car?
    You do not need a car. We provide transportation which is included in the price except in Tbilisi. In Tbilisi class is at a central location, which can be reached by bus or taxi. The location is provided on the map.
  • How much time will be spent cooking?
    Each cooking class lasts 3-3.5 hours give or take.
  • There is a specific dish I would like to learn, can I request it to be part of the course?"
    Our primary goal is to make sure you get the maximum from the cooking course. If there is a dish that we can reasonably include in our programme, we will happily do so. However, we stick to seasonal ingredients and seasonal cuisine, so we will not, for example, make chakapuli in winter or strawberry dessert in fall.
  • Can my children join the cooking course?
    Children are more than welcome to join the classes under parental supervision only. They have to reach the workbenches comfortably to cook safely and we strongly recommend a minimum age of 7 years
  • Where do we meet in Tbilisi?
    Our meeting point is at small park, 5 min walk from my home Location on map Here
  • I am vegetarian/vegan, will you cater for me?"
    Yes, we will. Georgia is one of the oldest Christian nations; so part of the population is on fast during one third of the year. Accordingly, we have a big variety of meatless food. Also, vegetables grown on this soil have such unusual and rich taste, that dishes made plainly from these products possess incredible flavor that may bind anyone to Georgia and its cuisine forever.
  • I have allergies, can you cater for me?"
    If you have a food allergy, just let us know as you book, and we will make sure nothing lands on your plate that could cause trouble. If you are allergic to pets, you have to know that we have a parrot named Ricky who speaks two languages.
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay mainly by bank transfer to company’s account You can also do PayPal at, but please note, PayPal takes transaction fee, which should be paid by customer. Pay in cash - only if above-mentioned options won't work out for you.
  • Book a class which is not scheduled on that day?
    YES, write us your request. We will make everything work for you. Together, we will find the best day, and on that day the best time slot ( lunch or dinner ) to organize your experience.
  • I’m traveling solo. Can I still participate?
    Of course! We can arrange a private class just for you, or you may be able to join a small group through one of our partners. Feel free to message us and we’ll find the best option for you.
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