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Photo by Emily Lush for Georgian Flavors


Georgia’s iconic cheese bread 


The secret of Imereti cuisine lies in its simplicity. The classic dishes of today originated from what used to be just a mere necessity. Farmers would add various flavors into whatever ingredients were available to them, and this is how the recipes developed. Then they were passed down to generations. Today, it takes only one perfect bite to transport us, the Imeretians, magically back to our Grandma’s kitchen, where we would spend the afternoons together stirring, cutting & seasoning. 

This class will be your magical journey back to our Grandma’s kitchen. Together we will make simple, hearty dishes that you can later make at home yourself. Our talented cook Granny Daji will make cornbread (mchadi) and khachapuri on ketsi (Georgian clay and stone pan), also chicken tabaka - butterflied chicken roasted under pressure. Of course, after you finish cooking you can sit down and relax as we serve your culinary creations with local house wine. The perfect day of play, cooking & laughter all in the local Georgian village. What else could one ask for?

What is included:

Hands-on cooking class: guided step-by-step by our cooks, learn how to make pkhali nigzviani (different vegetables in walnut paste) from scratch, shape different traditional Georgian Khachapuri and much more!

Food storytelling: from the background of Georgia’s fascinating centuries-old history and culture, you will learn the secrets of local ingredients and the connections between recipes.

Lunch: with the dishes made during the class and other delicacies. 

Three-course menu: appetizer, main course and dessert, all based in traditional Georgian cuisine.

Beverage: Bottle of house wine paired with the dishes, water and mineral water, coffee and or tea.

Transportation: to and from your location in Kutaisi.

                                                                2 PAX - 115.00 EUR Each


                                                     3 PAX - 100.00 EUR Each


                                                     4 PAX - 85.00 EUR Each


                                                      5 PAX - 75.00 EUR Each


                                                   Group of 5-10 people - on agreement

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